Rep. Paul Gosar Votes to Restore Growth and Opportunity


For Immediate Release                                      Contact: Orlando Watson
             March 21, 2013                                      

                     Rep. Paul Gosar Votes to Restore Growth and Opportunity 
                Supports ‘The Path to Prosperity’ and ‘Back to Basics’ Budget 

Washington, D.C. -Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S (AZ-04) voted for “The Path to Prosperity,” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s Fiscal 2014 budget (H. Con. Res. 25). Yesterday, Rep. Gosar voted in favor of the Republican Study Committee's (RSC) “Back to Basics” Fiscal Year 2014 alternative budget as well. After passage of "The Path to Prosperity," Rep. Gosar issued the following statement:

“Though neither plan is perfect, 'The Path to Prosperity' and the RSC alternative budget are better for the American people than the tax and spend proposals offered by President Obama, Senate Democrats and the Progressive Caucus.”

Rep. Gosar continued, "Our country is addicted to spending and has a serious debt problem.  We need a plan to achieve a pro-growth and prosperous economy, reviving opportunity for those in search of the American dream. Both ‘The Path to Prosperity’ and the RSC alternative budget would revive that opportunity by cutting federal spending, focusing on the primary drivers of our debt and implementing pro-growth reforms.”
For more information on the House Republican’s FY2014 budget, please visit the House Budget Committee Website.  More details on the RSC’s budget can be found HERE