CURRENT RATINGS (as of 1/20/2023):
93% rating with the American Conservative Union
• 100% rating with American Energy Alliance
• 100% rating with American Family Association
• 100% rating with the American Security Council
• 93% rating with Americans for Prosperity
• 100% rating with Associated Builders and Contractors
• 100% rating with the Campaign for Working Families
• 100% rating with the Center for Security Policy
• 100% rating with the Christian Coalition of America
• 100% rating and Considered a Taxpayer Hero by Citizens Against Government Waste
• 100% rating with the Competitive Enterprise Institute
• 100% rating with the Concerned Women for America
• 99% rating with Club for Growth
• 100% rating with Eagle Forum
• 100% rating with the Faith and Freedom
• 100% rating with the Family Policy Alliance
• 100% rating with the Family Research Council
• 100% rating with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
• 94% rating with FreedomWorks
• 90% rating with Heritage Action
• 100% rating with the National Association of Manufacturers
• 100% rating with the National Federation of Independent Business
• 100% rating with the National Right to Life Committee
• 98% rating with the National Tax Limitation Committee
• 99% rating with the immigration enforcement group Numbers USA
• 100% rating with the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council

CAREER RATINGS (as of 1/20/2023):
• Career “A+” grade with the immigration enforcement organization NumbersUSA
• “A+” grade with Students for Life Action
• "A+" grade with the Susan B. Anthony Pro-life America
• Career 100% rating with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
• Career “A” rating with the NRA
• Career 100% rating with National Right to Life
• Career 100% rating with Eagle Forum
• Career 100% rating with Conservative Review
• Career “A” rating with the American Conservative Union
• Career “A” rating with the Club for Growth
• Career “A” rating with Gun Owners of America who consider Paul a “pro-gun leader that introduces pro-gun legislation”


CURRENT AWARDS (as of 01/20/2023):

Conservative Excellence Award
Organization: American Conservative Union Foundation

Constituent Communication Award
Organization: National Write Your Congressman

Defender of Israel
Organization: Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign

Champion of Healthcare Innovation Award
Organization: Healthcare Leadership Council

Standing Up for American Seniors Award

Bronze Mouse Award
Organization: Congressional Management Foundation

Guardian of Seniors' Rights Award
Organization: 60 Plus Association

Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence
National Association of Manufacturers

Champion of National Security Award
Organization:Center for Security Policy

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