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Awards & Recognition


CURRENT RATINGS (as of 1/1/2024):

100% rating with American Energy Alliance

93% rating with the American Conservative Union

100% rating with American Family Association

100% rating with the American Security Council

93% rating with Americans for Prosperity

100% rating with Associated Builders and Contractors

100% rating with the Campaign for Working Families

100% rating with the Center for Security Policy

100% rating with the Christian Coalition of America

100% rating and Considered a Taxpayer Hero by Citizens Against Government Waste

100% rating with the Competitive Enterprise Institute

100% rating with the Concerned Women for America

99% rating with Club for Growth

100% rating with Eagle Forum

100% rating with the Faith and Freedom

100% rating with the Family Policy Alliance

100% rating with the Family Research Council

100% rating with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

94% rating with FreedomWorks

90% rating with Heritage Action

96% rating with the Institute for Legislative Analysis

100% rating with the National Association of Manufacturers

100% rating with the National Federation of Independent Business

100% rating with the National Right to Life Committee

98% rating with the National Tax Limitation Committee

99% rating with the immigration enforcement group Numbers USA

100% rating with the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council

CAREER RATINGS (as of 1/1/2024):

Career “A+” grade with the immigration enforcement organization NumbersUSA

“A+” grade with Students for Life Action

"A+" grade with the Susan B. Anthony Pro-life America

Career 100% rating with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

Career “A” rating with the NRA

Career 100% rating with National Right to Life

Career 100% rating with Eagle Forum

Career 100% rating with Conservative Review

Career “A” rating with the American Conservative Union

Career “A” rating with the Club for Growth

Career “A” rating with Gun Owners of America who consider Paul a “pro-gun leader that introduces pro-gun legislation”


CURRENT AWARDS (as of 1/1/2024):

Champion of Limited Government Award
Organization: Institute for Legislative Analysis

Conservative Excellence Award

Organization: American Conservative Union Foundation

Constituent Communication Award
Organization: National Write Your Congressman

Defender of Israel
Organization: Christians' Israel Public Action Campaign

Champion of Healthcare Innovation Award
Organization: Healthcare Leadership Council

Standing Up for American Seniors Award

Bronze Mouse Award
Organization: Congressional Management Foundation

Guardian of Seniors' Rights Award
Organization: 60 Plus Association

Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence
National Association of Manufacturers

Champion of National Security Award
Organization:Center for Security Policy