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  • Why I opposed the American Health Care Act
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on March 29, 2017 | Preview rr

    Click HERE to read the op-ed originally published by the Prescott Daily Courier. Last week, the debate over the American Health Care Act dominated the news cycle. There was and remains a lot of misinformation surrounding this legislation, the worst being its claim to “repeal and replace Obamacare,” and I want to take a moment to cut through the noise and give you this doctor’s perspective. Before getting to the substance of this bill, it’s important to mention the flawed process used to try and... Read more

  • Donald Trump’s EPA pick will help make the West great again
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on January 25, 2017 | Preview rr

    Click HERE to read the orginal. It should come as no surprise that President Trump won a majority of Western states not only in the primary election but also in the general election. These victories were because he recognized that an overreaching federal government had abandoned Western communities during the Obama Administration. Too often, the most important issues to the West such as water rights, land management and wildfire prevention are mishandled or ignored by unelected Washington burea... Read more

  • Arizonans Agree...No New National Monument
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on November 18, 2016 | Preview rr

    Arizonans Agree: No New National Monument The Hill By: Congressman Paul Gosar November 18, 2016 During President Obama’s two terms in office, we have undoubtedly witnessed the rise of the greatest threat to our Republic: the unprecedented abuse of Executive overreach. The president has openly bragged about using his “phone and pen” as a loophole to avoid the Constitution, the legislative process and accountability to the American people. It is a dangerous precedent that is nearly impossible to ... Read more

  • Doing more with less at the nation's refuges
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on September 29, 2016 | Preview rr

    Most Arizonan’s would likely agree that our national wildlife refuges are important and necessary. Preserving native wildlife is a tradition older than the state of Arizona itself. However, most Arizonans would also agree that the Department of Veterans Affairs is important too. Same thing for Border Patrol, Medicare and our military. All of these government services require tax dollars to maintain. And your tax money is limited, as should be your federal government. The reality is that out-of-... Read more

  • Why Is A Six-Year-Old Boy Influencing Obama’s Refugee Policy?
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on September 27, 2016 | Preview rr

    Millions of people have watched the Facebook video posted by the White House of a six-year-old boy, named Alex, from Scarsdale, New York, requesting to help give a home to a Syrian refugee. “Alex told me that he wanted Omran to come live with him and his family. He wanted to share his bike, and teach him how to ride. He said his little sister would collect butterflies for him. “We can all play together,” he wrote. “We will give him a family and he will be our brother.” Let me first say that Alex... Read more

  • Don’t Allow Bad Policy in Lame Duck
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on June 17, 2016 | Preview rr

    Don't allow bad policy in lame duck By: Congressman Paul Gosar June 17, 2016 Published in the Washington Examiner Back in 1932, Will Rogers famously described the lame duck period in Congress to the New York Times: “It’s like where some fellows worked for you and their work wasn’t satisfactory and you let ’em out, but after you fired ’em, you let 'em stay long enough so they could burn your house down.” Nothing has changed and the American public should be extremely leery of a lame duck followi... Read more

  • The Government Wants to Join You in Bed — the Tanning Bed
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on March 17, 2016 | Preview rr

    Paul Gosar Member of Congress March 17, 2016 Published on Breitbart News We’ve been watching for some time how one federal agency or another wants to take away your freedom of choice. Usually your freedom is taken from you under the guise of “public safety,” but in reality most of the time it is simply someone who wants to stick their nose in your business because they don’t like what you may like. While veterans go without care, illegals pour through the border and federal agencies continue to ... Read more

  • Ending Instant Amnesty for Cubans
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on February 12, 2016 | Preview rr

    Ending Instant Amnesty for Cubans By: Rep. Paul Gosar February 12, 2016 Published in Conservative Review As a Congressman representing the state of Arizona, I am never surprised that illegal immigration is the hottest topic of discussion at my town halls meetings. With over 350 miles of shared border with Mexico, Arizona is second only to Texas in total miles of border separating us from our southern neighbor. Yet the people in my district who most adamantly call for stronger enforcement of our... Read more

  • Why I’m Voting Against Massive Omnibus Spending Bill
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on December 17, 2015 | Preview rr

    Paul Gosar U.S. Congressman December 17, 2015 Once again I find myself shaking my head at the wasteful spending in DC and a flawed process that drops thousands of pages of text on us with 48 hours to “read” and understand. I wish I could put all the blame on big spending Democrats, liberals who seek to bankrupt our nation and others who are ignorant of the fiscal crisis within which we live. But I can’t. Congress is controlled by Republicans. So, this massive and wasteful spending bill is on Rep... Read more

  • Stop HUD’s Takeover of Local Zoning
    Posted in Weekly Columns and Op-Eds on December 7, 2015 | Preview rr

    Stop HUD’s Takeover of Local Zoning by ROBERT ASTORINO AND REP. PAUL GOSAR December 7, 2015 Published in Breitbart News The founders of our nation understood that successful governance in a democracy depends on the consent of the governed. In return for the people’s consent, they set limits on government, divided authority, and established checks and balances to control the use of power. This system, which has served our nation well for more than 200 years, is now being put at risk by the rise o... Read more

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