Economy and Jobs

Arizona is home to what we call “The Five Cs” which are Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, Climate, and, of course, Copper.


Farming and ranching are vital to jobs, economic stimulus and Arizona’s way of life.

Challenging the Status Quo

I refuse to go along with the status quo of more wasteful federal spending and I refuse to let the Obama Administration continue to force their misguided ideology through regulatory overreach. I have challenged the status quo my entire life and always call a spade a spade. Our country needs more bold, conservative leaders that will actually do what they promised to do prior to coming to Washington D.C.

Constitutional Issues

Our Constitution is the cornerstone of our Republic and is the greatest governing document in history. At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, one of our greatest founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, was asked what kind of Government the Constitution gave us, “a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic,” Franklin replied, “If you can keep it.” How true Franklin’s words were and how prophetic they have proven to be.


As a constitutionalist, I believe that our nation's security from all threats, both foreign and domestic, is the government's core responsibility.


The future prosperity of our children and of our country are contingent on a quality education system.

Eliminating Waste, Fraud and Abuse

One of my top priorities is eliminating waste, fraud and abuse within the bloated federal bureaucracy.

Fighting Terrorism

It is clear that the United States and other freedom loving countries around the world are at war with radical Islamic terrorists like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Financial Services

I will continue to fight to ensure that the U.S. financial sector is able to prosper and assist with creating jobs for the American people.

Foreign Affairs

In an exceedingly complex but integrated world, foreign policy is more important than ever.

Getting Things Done

In the 113th Congress, I had more success than any other member of Congress, with 6 bills signed into law by the president, 12 other of my legislative efforts becoming law, 24 of my amendments passing the House, and positively affecting almost one billion dollars in federal spending.

Government Oversight and Regulatory Reform

Learn about my efforts to rein in the regulatory agenda of this administration as well as my work on the House Committee of Oversight and Government Reform Committee.


Healthcare issues affect us all and determining the best means of addressing them is an important part of my work in Congress.

Immigration and Border Security

There is an immigration crisis in the United States, and the crisis is a failure to secure our border and enforce the Rule of Law.


As a conservative Republican, a medical provider, and a father, I strongly support the sanctity of human life. Nothing is more precious. I believe that life begins at conception.

Natural Resources

Our nation must embrace an all-of-the-above energy policy, which encourages responsible development of our natural resources and expands domestic energy production.

Restoring Healthy Forests and Preventing Dangerous Wildfires

I have led the charge to improve the health of our nation's forests by adopting a forward-thinking, active management strategy that combats dangerous wildfires before they get started.

The Second Amendment and Gun Rights

The Second Amendment is one of the most important rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

Spending Cuts and Debt

Admiral Mike Mullen, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated that the national debt is the biggest threat to our national security.

Tax Reform

America’s problem is not that we tax too little, but that we spend far too much. I will not vote to increase taxes.


The federal government has a constitutional role in funding interstate commerce. I will continue to advocate for our communities while fighting for fiscally sustainable transportation solutions, including the restoration of highways and bridges that are in dire need of repair.


These heroes have dedicated their lives to serving a cause greater than themselves and have sacrificed so much in defense of this great nation.