Rep. Paul Gosar Introduces Responsibility in Federal Contracting Act

Feb 4, 2013 Issues: Financial Services


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                           Rep. Paul Gosar Introduces Responsibility in Federal Contracting Act

                                   Legislation Ensures Efficient Use of Taxpayer Dollars

Washington, D.C. -  Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S (AZ-04) introduced the Responsibility in Federal Contracting Act, H.R. 448. This legislation requires the Bureau of Labor Statistics, rather than the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD), calculate accurate wage requirements and conduct surveys using valid statistical methods. Currently, the Davis–Bacon Act allows for automatic increases in wages despite the market value or necessity for the wage increase. Rep. Gosar issued the following statement upon filing the bill:

“The federal government is a bureaucratic monstrosity riddled with inefficiencies. As we look to ensure that all taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently, we must reform the outdated and inaccurate calculations being used by DC bureaucrats to promote big union contractors. I am proposing common sense reform that demands using accurate methods that would result in getting more for each dollar spent. By passing my legislation we can save the American taxpayer over $10 billion a year.”

The Heritage Action blog The Foundry posted a story about the incorrect Labor Department calculations HERE.