Rep. Gosar Poses Tough Questions to HHS Secretary Ahead of Tonight's Visit

For Immediate Release
October 24, 2013


Contact: Apryl Marie Fogel

Rep. Gosar Poses Tough Questions to HHS Secretary Ahead of Tonight's Visit
'Why Should You Still Have a Job?'

PRESCOTT, ARIZ. - Today, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, is visiting Arizona to promote the failed Obamacare exchange and to brag about its call center operators and navigators field program. In the meantime, Secretary Sebelius refuses to take responsibility for the disastrous Obamacare roll out and low enrollment numbers.

Earlier this week, President Obama was forced to admit that the launch of the website designed to host the healthcare exchanges was disastrous. Despite this massive and costly failure, as well as the Secretary’s admission that she hid contractor warnings from the President, he insisted he will stand by her.

Rep. Gosar said, "the audacity of Secretary Sebelius to go on a public relations tour selling a program aimed at increasing enrollment in Obamacare is mind-boggling. Americans are increasingly aware of the many ways this disastrous law is affecting their costs and their care, so many are rightfully rejecting it. Secretary Sebelius coming to Arizona to gloat about a failing system is just rubbing salt in the wounds of American citizens, who are footing the bill for her continued failures."

Speaking specifically about the navigators program Rep. Gosar said, "experts throughout the nation are waiving red flags about the design and implementation of the ‘navigators’ program. Intended to be an army of propagandists with the sole task of selling the failing program, this group has the makings of a nightmare for the privacy and security of Americans. Recent reports have shown that employees trusted with personal and confidential information have not been subject to criminal background checks or proper vetting."

After the failure of the website to launch and the lack of accountability within Health and Human Services, Gosar asks today, "Secretary, why should you still have your job? Hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted on the website, which has proven ineffective and problem ridden."

"Secretary Sebelius should be in D.C. addressing this issue and getting refunds from the incompetent vendors she hired who can't set up a website. Were this the private sector she would surely have been fired for the malpractice she has committed on the American people."