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Mar 15, 2016

Gosar speaks out against EPA's ozone initiative

Gosar said the EPA's new standard for ozone levels is an overstepping of the EPA and will bring far more damage than good. Arizonans stand to lose jobs and the economy will suffer.

Mar 8, 2016

Gosar speaks out against federal land acquisitions

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) questioned the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) federal land acquisitions and its request for funding to buy more land following a recent House Natural Resources Subcommittee hearing.

Mar 2, 2016

Is it time to end 'instant amnesty' for Cubans?

Mehlman says while the Obama administration has indicated it doesn't intend to change the migratory status of Cubans in the near future, Congressman Paul Gosar (R-Arizona) has introduced legislation that would repeal the Cuban Adjustment Act.

Feb 24, 2016

House Conservatives Head Toward Another Budget Showdown

Gosar continued that Republicans have heard these assurances of doing spending bills. “And then we see a whitewash at the end of the year with no riders and all the appropriations amendments go by the wayside,” he said. “So tell me why I need to trust that?”

Feb 18, 2016 | The Daily Caller

EPA’s ‘Porn Addicts, Office Thieves And Drunk Drivers’ Blasted By Congressman

Rep. Paul Gosar blasted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Thursday after The Daily Caller News Foundation reported the agency’s record of letting anonymous employees who devour porn and steal on the job go right back to work.

Feb 12, 2016

Gosar: Ending Instant Amnesty for Cubans

Cubans are allowed to enter the United States without visas or background checks of their criminal histories in Cuba. Unlike other immigrants seeking political asylum

Feb 10, 2016

House bill against Operation Choke Point complicates Obama’s war on Second Amendment

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar (R- Ariz.) advanced an amendment to H.R. 766 which requires financial institutions to give notice before terminating accounts at the behest of the federal government.

Feb 9, 2016

'Hound of the House': In Prescott speech, Rep. Gosar takes on GOP's Paul Ryan, Democrats, Obama

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, the self-styled "Hound of the House," barked loudly Monday, Feb. 8, taking on not only Democratic lawmakers and President Barack Obama, but also the current Republican U.S. House leadership.

Jan 13, 2016

Clock May Be Ticking on Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom

Rep. Gosar plans to introduce a bill that, if passed, would revoke the controversial comedian’s Presidential Medal of Freedom. It would be the first time the country’s highest civilian honor has been revoked.

Jan 11, 2016

Lawmaker's campaign to crack down on foreign donations

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., and a slew of other lawmakers think a crush of foreign money is infiltrating American elections. His new legislation, the Bipartisan Bill to End Foreign Donations Influencing U.S. Elections, aims to close a porous cash border.