IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Dr. Gosar Mourns the Day Religious Freedom Died




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Dr. Gosar Mourns the Day Religious Freedom Died

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Dr. Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S released the following statement in regards to the contraceptive mandate, which goes into effect today and will require all non-exempt employers to provide health care coverage that includes abortion-inducing drugs or else pay a steep tax:

“Today is a sad day in America.  The contraceptive mandate is unconstitutional and a gross violation of our First Amendment right to freedom of religion,” said Dr. Gosar. “We are witnessing another event in a pattern that shows this Administration is the biggest enemy to unborn children than any prior administration.” 

“Furthermore, the Obama Administration has made laughable claims that the problem of access to ‘preventative services’ is fixed because they’ve waved their magic wand and made it ‘free.’ That money is coming out of someone’s pocket, and it is adding one more burden to making the payroll. Many of the employers paying these costs are being forced to do so against their deeply held religious beliefs. Those who care about religious freedom need to fight this mandate using every avenue possible. We here in Congress will certainly not give up the fight.”

Congressman Gosar has served as a dentist and health care provider for over 25 years. As a pro-life member of Congress, Gosar believes in protecting the unborn and upholding the sanctity of life.