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Washington, May 11, 2018 | comments
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Representatives Ken Buck (CO- 04), Paul Gosar D.D.S. (AZ-04)  and Andy Biggs (AZ-05) met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, along with their respective senior staff, to discuss critical immigration policy issues. These matters included border security, administrative court processing and sanctuary/fugitive cities. The meeting served as an opportunity for the congressmen to share their concerns, and to seek ways to partner with the Attorney General on strengthening immigration enforcement by eliminating current loop holes, reducing false claims for asylum, reducing false claims for refugee status, and withholding funds for cities that refuse to enforce federal law or cooperate with federal law enforcement.  Lastly, the parties discussed applying international law regarding claims for refugee status as opposed to the current standard relative to contiguous state passage.   

In addition, the Attorney General briefed the members on the status of DACA court cases now pending in several jurisdictions and expressed his confidence that the Obama letter deferring deportation will be eliminated by the courts and the rule of law restored.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
explained that "For decades, the American people have pleaded with our elected officials for a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest—one that we can be proud of.  To achieve that, Congress and the Executive Branch must take bold actions to stop the rampant illegality at our Southwest Border and to encourage sanctuary cities to change their policies. I appreciate the support of Congressman Buck and other Members of Congress who have supported the Department of Justice’s initiatives and heeded the calls of their constituents to restore the rule of law in America.”

Congressman Ken Buck stated, “I thank Attorney General Sessions for leading the effort to secure our border and fight the sanctuary city policies that allow heroin traffickers to walk our streets, suppress wages for American workers and burden our education, health care and judicial systems.”

Congressman Paul Gosar stated,  “The Obama Administration's lack of enforcement on our immigration laws have put our families, communities and our country at risk. Obama’s open border policies have encouraged lawlessness, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, gun running and directly lead to the opioid crisis in our country.  I commend Attorney General Sessions for doing what he can to reverse this reckless and irresponsible Obama era disaster.”

Congressman Andy Biggs stated, “Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join my colleagues to meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. We had a very productive conversation, discussing a wide range of issues that affect his jurisdiction – particularly the Department of Justice’s enforcement of illegal immigration. I’m thankful that we have an administration that understands the necessity of protecting innocent Americans through enforcing our laws and securing the border. Congress should also act by enacting laws to codify the administration’s efforts into law, including ending ‘catch and release’ of criminally violent illegal aliens (by passing Grant’s Law) and removing incentives for aliens who illegally enter the U.S. I hope that Attorney General Sessions continues his mission to end illegal immigration, and I will support him with his worthy endeavors to this end."

On Thursday May 10, 2018, Congressman Ken Buck, Congressman Paul Gosar and Congressman Andy Biggs, along with their respective Chiefs of Staff, Ritika Robertson, Thomas Van Flein and Deborah Mazol, met for over an hour with Attorney General Sessions and his senior staff at the Attorney General’s office.   The parties discussed the current crisis on the border and the chaos created by the Obama Administration when it reduced border security and issued a letter withholding deportation or deferring deportation of illegal aliens known as “DACA.”  
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