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Gosar Sponsors Cesar Chavez Commemorative Coin Act

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, U.S. Representative Paul Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) issued the following statement in celebration of the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez, who was deeply committed to protecting the rights and economic conditions of legal American farm workers through nonviolent protest and opposition to illegal immigration of all forms.

“Born in Yuma, Arizona, Mr. Chavez dedicated his life to the betterment of the American farmworker. Living and working in the American Southwest, Mr. Chavez saw firsthand how the influx of illegal immigration over our southern border deprived honest, hard-working American farm workers of the right to make a decent wage and provide for their families. His commitment to the rule of law in America is the epitome of the American dream. I'm sponsoring a bill to create a commemorative coin minted in his honor to underscore the importance of legal immigration and protecting the American worker, ” said Congressman Gosar.

Background: Article I Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the explicit power to coin money. Over the years, Congress has adopted a portion of this role to provide for two commemorative coins per year to honor important Americans, events, anniversaries, and more. Coming at no cost to the taxpayer, the sale of these coins is used to cover the cost and then donate the leftover funds to a specific cause or institution.

This week we celebrate the birthday of Mr. Cesar Chavez and remember his legacy and fight for the protection of all legal workers. Remembering Mr. Chavez as we deal with the crisis at the American southern border brings up a point often forgotten in this debate. Not only are we concerned for the rule of law, the safety and welfare of Americans, and the safety migrants dangerously travelling to America, but we must remember the harmful impacts illegal immigration has on the legal immigrant population.

Subverting established labor standards, the effort by industrial corporate agricultural businesses to discreetly hire and pay lower wages to illegal aliens hurts the ability of those who followed the law from entering the labor market and receiving fair pay. America is the land of opportunity, where hard work is rewarded with the ability to provide for one's family with the intention of making our children and grandchildren better off than oneself. Unfair playing rules in the labor market undermine the American dream, and Cesar Chavez was all too familiar with this.

This legislation will create a $5 gold coin, $1 silver coin, and a half dollar coin designed to honor the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez. Proceeds of the sales will cover the cost of production and then be donated to the Smithsonian Institution and go toward the Latino Center and aid in the development and maintenance of the National Museum of the American Latino.