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Tax Reform: They're Still Talking

Here's what they're saying at home...

Arizona Chamber of Commerce President and CEO — Glenn Hamer

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs bill is the most important legislation passed by Congress to improve our economy since the 1986 tax overhaul signed into law by President Reagan.This is truly a once in a generation piece of legislation. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry commends Congressman Paul Gosar for voting for this bill. The legislation benefits all employers through lower tax rates and immediate expensing. It will benefit employees through higher paychecks and more opportunities in the workplace.”

Arizona Free Enterprise Club President — Scot Mussi

"The historic Tax Cuts and Jobs bill will be a shot of adrenaline for Arizona's economy. The pro-growth individual and corporate tax cuts will result in more jobs, higher wages and surge of investment into our state.We applaud Congressman Paul Gosar for supporting the most significant overhaul of our tax code since 1986. This is an achievement that will reap benefits for hardworking taxpayers for years to come."