Not Tired of Winning

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Washington, December 13, 2017 | comments

What a difference a year makes. Under the Obama administration, our energy policy was a disaster. After one year under my Chairmanship of the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources and one year of President Trump in the Oval Office, we are now producing record amounts of oil — up to 10.2 million barrels per day. This increased production means more energy for a lower cost and less dependence on hostile middle east countries.


The U.S. oil production rate is up.The U.S. Energy Information Administration said on Tuesday that the 2018 average oil production rate will hit the highest level for any year on record in the United States. In its monthly short-term energy outlook, the agency forecast that U.S. crude oil output will rise by 780,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 10.02 million bpd in 2018. Last month, it expected a 720,000 bpd year-over-year increase to 9.95 million bpd. (Source: Alaska Headlamp)


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