As Chairman of the House U.S.-Slovenia Friendship Caucus, I welcome you and invite you to learn more about our Caucus. 

Slovenia is a proud country that has continually strived for freedom. Slovenia knows what it means to be free and as Americans, we share this passion.  The United States and Slovenia have been allies since President George H.W. Bush recognized its independence in 1992. Since emerging from the Soviet shadow, Slovenia and the United States have enjoyed a strong bilateral relationship that has been crucial in promoting stability within the region, increasing military cooperation with NATO forces and fostering economic trade and investment.

The 116th Congress marks the inaugural session for our Caucus. Our mission is to advance the vested interests of both countries while preserving the freedoms of Slovenian-Americans. We strive to construct productive dialogue with the Slovenian-American community in the United States and the Slovenian Government. 

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