Representative Gosar Recognized for Fighting to Protect Seniors



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                          August 16, 2012

CONTACT:                                                                                Apryl Marie Fogel

Representative Gosar Recognized for Fighting to Protect Seniors

Casa Grande, AZ – Today, the senior-advocacy organization Retiresafe awarded U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar the prestigious “RetireSafe Standing Up For America’s Seniors Award”.  This award is given to a member of Congress who has served as a leader for seniors in preserving Medicare, protecting senior benefits and defending the patient/doctor relationship. Congressman Gosar is being honored with this award for the second year in a row.  

“As a healthcare provider for 25 years, I understand that the Medicare status quo is unacceptable; the program is slated to be insolvent in a matter of years.  Yet I believe we can honor the promises we made to protect America’s seniors, while meeting Congress’ moral obligation to adopt-common sense changes to Medicare.  I will continue to stand up for seniors, and I am very much honored for this recognition by the RetireSafe organization.”

Congressman Gosar is a member of the GOP Doctor’s Caucus. He is an advocate for stronger, smarter and more cost effective measures to solve our nation’s healthcare crisis without government interference.