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Dear friend,

Many of you who follow me regularly know of my frustrations with House Republican leadership. The current legislative process in Congress is broken and our leadership failed to adequately address this problem... and that is why I did not support John Boehner for Speaker of the House in January and I did not support Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy for Speaker before he dropped out of contention last week. I believe that Majority Leader McCarthy’s decision to let someone else be our next Speaker shows that we can fight the status quo in Washington DC… and WIN.

The current process of legislating is broken. Your voice, opinions and priorities are not allowed to be represented when the power of the people's House is consolidated to only a few members. Our next Speaker must empower the legislative process and allow for an open and accountable system that incorporates ALL members of Congress into important decisions. 

I am confident that Congressman Daniel Webster of Florida is a bold, Conservative leader who has proven he can fix our current legislative process like he did when he was Speaker of the House in Florida. Click HERE to read an op-ed published by Congressman Webster that explains, in his own words, how Congress must institute fundamental changes built on principle, not power.

 President Obama  Authorizes Thousands of Syrian Refugees to Arizona
In case you missed it, last week I joined Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham to discuss President Obama's plans to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the United States, many going to Arizona, from the heart of ISIS territory without vetting them.

The United States already takes in more immigrants than any other country on the planet.  Allowing tens of thousands of refugees to enter our country would further strain our out-of-control deficit spending. Even more troubling, since we cannot effectively screen these people to ensure they don’t have terrorist connections, such actions jeopardize American security. Click HERE to read more of my interview with Laura and why this action is creating a lethal, toxic cocktail for the people of Arizona.

 Huge Victory in the Fight to Stop the EPA’s Lawless Water Grab
On October 9th, a federal appeals court issued a nationwide stay blocking the implementation of the EPA's Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule. This is a HUGE win for Arizona and another massive blow to an administration that continues to run roughshod over the rule of law while disregarding our nation’s system of checks and balances. WOTUS is a job-killing, overreaching new regulation that would be a dream killer for future generations and result in significant job losses as well as considerable harm to our economy. 
No president or D.C. bureaucrat is above our Constitution. For the good of our country, I pray that this misguided effort to illegally push an ideologically-driven agenda, will continue to be thwarted by our judicial system. Furthermore, those who are knowingly violating the law to impose job-killing regulations by executive fiat should be held accountable. Click HERE to read more. 

 Obama's Next Executive Action: Gun Control
It's being reported that President Obama is planning to bypass Congress and use an executive order to force through his own gun control policies. Here is a quick reminder of some of his other executive actions that have been slapped down by federal courts. There is no denying that the only thing this president will leave behind is a legacy of lawlessness.

 Update from West Point: Prescott's Sierra Rosdahl Completes Basic Training

I'm very excited to see my former intern, Cadet Sierra Rosdahl, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Keith Rosdahl of Prescott, complete Cadet Basic Training at the U.S. Military Academy. From the Prescott Daily Courier "(Cadet Basic Training) is one of the most challenging events a cadet will encounter over the course of their four years at the academy." Click HERE to read more.

  Pictures from the Road
 Had a great discussion Monday night with the Highway 69 Republican Club in Dewey, AZ. Big thanks to County Supervisor Jack Smith for the invite! 

Sally Kizer of Yuma, AZ decided to spend her birthday at my town hall meeting on Tuesday night in Yuma, so naturally... I had to sing Happy Birthday to her. Check out my rendition of Happy Birthday on my Facebook page at

 Celebrating the ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening of my new Yuma office last Thursday.

Spent a great evening Thursday night with American Legion Post 19 in Yuma as we celebrated the 95th anniversary of the Historic Military Vehicle Convoy.

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