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Congressman Gosar Votes to Impeach Secretary Mayorkas

Washington, D.C. -- Congressman Gosar issued the following statement following his vote in favor of H. Res. 863 - Impeaching United States Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for willfully refusing to enforce federal immigration laws and breach of public trust:


 “In three short years, more than 10 million illegal aliens, 360 terrorists, 90,000 convicted criminals and 26 tons of fentanyl have been welcomed into our country by Secretary Mayorkas.  Over 200,000 Americans have been killed during the same period due to the Secretary’s decisions to open the borders and collaborate with drug cartels.  The consequence: Mayorkas has presided over the largest single mass killing of American citizens in United States history.  


Despite swearing an oath to uphold and execute our immigration laws, Mayorkas willfully ignored them while repeatedly lying to the American public.  That is the basis to impeach him.   In short, Mayorkas has failed to secure the border or protect our nation.  He, along with Joe Biden, are singularly responsible for the crisis along the southern border and his actions have put our entire country in harm’s way. 


Secretary Mayorkas has violated has sworn oath to support and defend the Constitution.  He has lost trust with the American people.  I voted to impeach Secretary Mayorkas for his lawlessness and indifference towards keeping our border safe and secure,” concluded Congressman Gosar.