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Gosar Statement on Senate Amnesty Bill

Washington, D.C. -- Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-09), issued the following statement regarding the Senate's proposed $118 billion amnesty bill:


“The Senate’s $118 billion, 370-page amnesty bill is complete rubbish.  Not only does it not close the southern border, but it makes it worse by permitting 5,000 illegal aliens to cross the border each day, greenlighting more than 1.85 million more lawbreakers into the United States annually.  What it does, however, is makes 1.85 million illegal aliens legal.  Meaning if they are among the first 5,000 to cross on any given day, they get a path to citizenship.  Don’t take my word for it, liberal Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy noted in a recent tweet that under the Senate legislation the “border never closes.”


The bill provides $1.4 billion to provide housing, transportation and lawyers – yes, lawyers, to give legal advice and counsel to illegal aliens on how best to skirt our immigration laws.


Further crushing our frail economy, displacing American workers and dampening wages, the legislation provides indefinite work permits to hundreds of thousands of illegals.


In a real kick in the pants, 85% of the price tag of the Senate amnesty bill is spent in foreign countries, including $60 billion in additional funding for the proxy war in the Ukraine and $10 billion to Gaza.


While illegal aliens get billions of dollars and Ukraine gets another $60 billion, this bill allocates a paltry $620 million to maintain the border wall.  Meanwhile, the areas of the border that are still wide open will remain wide open.  


The sponsor of this travesty, Oklahoma Senator Lankford, stated the following in justification for this monstrosity:  "Our immigration laws have been weak for years."  As I said last week, anyone claiming our immigration system is "broken" or "weak" is taking you for a fool.   Our laws mirror almost every other country's immigration laws.  


The problem is not the law.  The problem is illegal aliens breaking the law, the current administration not enforcing the law and then our immigration enforcement agencies walking away and not deporting these criminals. 


This bill also pretends that the problem at the border is a lack of money, so it comes up with billions to hire more bureaucrats.  Again, this is not a funding problem, it is not a legal problem.  It is the deliberate policy decision of the current administration to open the borders and flood our country with 10 million illegal aliens while granting citizenship to hundreds of thousands of Afghanis. 


This bill also rewards illegal aliens with work permits so they can keep wages low and take jobs from Americans.  Illegal aliens that get engaged or married will get free work permits to work anywhere in the country, as well as the illegal alien's children.  This provision alone will lead to massive fraud and fake arrangements.  Other provisions massively increase work permits for illegal aliens.  


The bill rescinds money already budgeted for border wall construction, funds sanctuary cities and does not deport a single illegal alien already here.  I cannot in good conscience support this garbage, no lawmaker should.  This is the worst bill in Congress in a decade and that is saying a lot," concluded Congressman Paul Gosar.