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Gosar to CBP: Why Close the Lukeville Port of Entry?

Biden Administration prioritizes illegal aliens over American citizens

Washington, DC -- Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-09), issued the following statement after demanding answers to why the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) unnecessarily closed the Lukeville Port of Entry (POE) in Arizona:


“Lukeville is the fourth highest POE in Arizona for border crossings.  Each day, thousands of people rely on moving through the Lukeville POE to work, vacation, study, visit family and receive medical care.  Now Arizonans must go out their way and drive over 200 miles from Lukeville on routes deemed unsafe by the American Embassy in Mexico.  Meanwhile, hundreds of illegal aliens continue to walk across the southern border near the Lukeville POE every single day.


While Biden coddles and welcomes hordes of illegal aliens, the administration is making it clear it prioritizes illegal aliens over American citizens by closing the Lukeville Port of Entry.


I would like answers from the CBP on the reasoning behind the decision of the closing including who made the disastrous decision and why was Lukeville closed instead of a less active port of entry?  What is the plan to reopen the Lukeville POE? Why wasn’t more time given to warn citizens about the POE closure?


I respect the effort of the many fine border patrol agents who are attempting to do their jobs. However, more than 10 million lawbreakers have entered our country since Joe Biden took office.  I expect a timely and reasonable response from CBP explaining their decision to continue rewarding lawbreakers while turning their back on American citizens,” concluded Congressman Gosar.



In response to the CBP’s decision to close the Lukeville POE on December 4, 2023 with little public notice, Congressman Gosar sent a letter to CBP Commissioner Troy Miller and Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin of the Tucson CBP Field Office demanding answers to the imprudent closure impacting more than 3,100 people who move through Lukeville POE every day.