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Gosar Rejects Biden’s Latest Request for More Money for War

Kingman, AZ - Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-09), issued the following statement in response to the Biden Administration’s latest request for more than $24 billion, in addition to the over $100 billion already spent, to fight a proxy war in Ukraine:


“Joe Biden was bribed by Ukraine through a variety of shady transactions.  The United States has no interest in Ukraine, and no business funding an expensive proxy war there, other than the millions of dollars in bribes paid by Ukraine to the Bidens. 


Our own border is undefended and wide open.  Over 7,000,000 illegal aliens have crossed into the U.S. unhindered and over 200,000 Americans have died of fentanyl poisoning since Biden took office. 


Every dollar we have should be spent securing our own border and securing Social Security. 


Biden’s latest request from Congress for billions more to fight a war that the United States has no national security interest being involved in is wrong.   I have consistently opposed any taxpayer dollars to Ukraine and this time is no different: Congress should not authorize any more funding in Ukraine.  We need peace, not more war. 


recent CNN poll showed a clear majority of Americans do not want us to spend another nickel on Ukraine. 


Rather than sending a single additional penny to Ukraine to abet the killing of countless more people, a far better use would be if Biden for once put America first by allocating resources in our country to secure the southern border which being invaded by seven million lawbreakers, funding law enforcement efforts to combat the violent crime and drugs destroying cities across America or aiding our homeless population, including countless veterans, who are sleeping on sidewalks.


Finally, I ask that we take a moment to pray for the dead and wounded in Ukraine.  Our country has financed massive death and destruction for which we need to atone,” stated Congressman Gosar.