Gosar to Appropriators: No More Money and Weapons to Ukraine

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Representative Paul Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-09) issued the following statement after sending a letter to Chairwoman Granger and leaders of the House Appropriations Committee requesting that no additional funds be included in any FY2024 appropriations bills to finance weaponry or weapons systems used in the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine.


“American involvement in the war between Russia and Ukraine has been an epic disaster, resulting in hundreds of thousands of military and civilian casualties.  Each day without peace is another day that jeopardizes the fragile security the world has enjoyed for decades, free from the devastation of nuclear weapons.  America has wasted more than $100 billion dollars fighting a proxy war where we don’t belong.


More importantly, back home our country is quite literally falling apart.  We have failing infrastructure, including rail lines, that need immediate attention.  Rampant crime and homelessness are pervading our cities.  The fentanyl crisis is crushing families and communities.  Our southern border is being invaded by millions of lawbreakers, consuming resources to the tune of billions per year.  The Social Security Trust Fund is not keeping pace with our senior population.  


In short, Congress needs to focus our limited resources on Americans, not Ukraine.  That is why I sent a letter to House Appropriations Chairwoman Granger asking that not one more dime be appropriated to fund weaponry or weapons systems in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” concluded Congressman Gosar.


A copy of the letter can be found by clicking here.


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