Gosar Votes to Make Historic Changes In Congress “An Unprecedented Win for We the People”

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-09) issued the following statement regarding his vote in favor of Representative Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives:


Congress begins with an unprecedented win for “We the People.”  We have won the most open and transparent rules ever seen in the United States Congress.  We have won a better budget process.  And we have won a return to the constitutional process.  These victories will change the course of our nation.  


When this week started those of us opposed to the status quo were told we couldn't make a difference, but we have, and we will continue to.


I was elected in the Tea Party wave, and I have represented the people of Arizona by keeping my promises and that is just what you have seen this week. What the American people saw this week was exactly what voters ask me for time and time again: a government for the people, by the people, done with transparency and accountability, not behind closed doors in smoke-filled rooms. 


President Donald Trump has called me a "Warrior in Congress" for the America First Movement, and all warriors must know when, and most importantly who to fight.  We have won the fight within the Republican party, and most importantly the fight for the ideals our Founding Fathers built this nation on. 


After 11 votes against, I have cast my 12th vote for Kevin McCarthy, voting with Representatives Jim Jordan, Byron Donalds, Chip Roy, and with support from President Trump – because we all know that now is the time to fight the Biden administration and the new woke socialist Left. 


The people wanted me to drain the swamp. The swamp is not a person.  It’s the rules.  The rules that govern the people.  I changed the rules.  I changed the swamp. 



What Others Are Saying:


American for Limited Government, Rick Manning: 


“The House rules agreed to by Kevin McCarthy will empower conservatives in the House to fight for limited government principles and fiscal sanity. The agreement to put a ‘Church-like Committee’ in the Judiciary Committee under Jim Jordan will help unravel the abuse of power by federal government intelligence agencies giving hope to the American people that these rabid dogs will be caged and shackled for a generation. America stands at a precipice where our spending threatens our economic future and the wholesale attacks on the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments by the FBI and others threaten our personal liberties. 


“Our nation owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Representatives Chip Roy, Paul Gosar, Scott Perry, Byron Donalds, Josh Brecheen, Michael Cloud, Andrew Clyde, Anna Paulina Luna, Mary Miller, Ralph Norman, Andy Ogles, Dan Bishop, Andy Harris and Keith Self for fighting to end autocratic rule in the House of Representatives.”


Representative Scott Perry:  


“We’re at a turning point. I’ve negotiated in good faith, with one purpose: to restore the People’s House back to its rightful owners. The framework for an agreement is in place, so in a good-faith effort, I voted to restore the People’s House by voting for Kevin McCarthy.” 



Representative Michael Cloud:


“I came to Washington with the understanding that Congress was broken.  The reforms we negotiated …will be a massive change in how the House operates and enables members of Congress to truly represent their constituents.”



Former Representative Lee Zeldin:


“The status quo of the House of Representatives needed to be changed, not just challenged.  The reforms the House GOP will now be implementing will make Congress and our nation stronger.  The law few days have been a messy process, but the light at the end of the tunnel is beautiful.”

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