Gosar Applauds Senate Passage of Companion Resolution to End COVID-19 Emergency Declaration, Vows to File Discharge Petition in the House

Washington, DC – Congressman Paul A. Gosar (D.D.S.) issued the following statement after the United States Senate’s passage of companion legislation to House Joint Resolution 46, introduced by Congressman Gosar, that would terminate the COVID-19 national emergency declaration and emergency presidential powers. 

“All across America mask mandates are being lifted and normal life is beginning to return. Yet, Mr. Biden recently extended the COVID-19 national emergency for another year despite painting an optimistic portrait of life for Americans after COVID-19 during his recent State of the Union address.  The extraordinary powers given to Mr. Biden to deal with the pandemic are no longer justified.

Twice I have moved to terminate the national emergency and both times Nancy Pelosi changed the rules of the entire House to prevent this from happening. I am very pleased that today the Senate passed a companion to my resolution and I look forward to filing a discharge petition early next week to bring my resolution to the House floor for consideration.

Under the current COVID-19 national emergency declaration, more than 120 emergency statutory powers can be invoked by Mr. Biden, including the power to draft Americans without consent, raising Dr. Fauci’s salary, further barricading the United States Capitol, and placing the Public Health Service under military control,” concluded Congressman Gosar.

The National Emergencies Act (NEA) gives any sitting President extraordinary powers to deal with crises other than war or natural disasters.  On March 13, 2020, President Trump declared a national emergency concerning COVID-19.  On February 22, 2022, Joe Biden decided to extend the COVID-19 national emergency beyond March 1, 2023. A provision in the NEA grants Congress termination review of national emergencies, stating that after six months, and every six months after the emergency continues, Congress must meet to consider a resolution of termination.

Last week, Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas introduced a Senate companion to H. J. Res 46, which was subject to an expedited procedure resulting in the resolution’s passage to terminate the national emergency declaration for the Covid-19 pandemic by a vote of 48 to 47.

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