Rep. Gosar: Obamacare is fundamentally flawed

U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar (AZ-04) took to the House floor today to speak out against Obamacare's disastrous impact on families in his district.

For Immediate Release:
November 14, 2013


Contact: Garrett Hawkins

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                            Rep. Gosar: Obamacare is fundamentally flawed  

 U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar (AZ-04) took to the House floor today to speak out against Obamacare's disastrous impact on families in his district. Click HERE or below to watch his speech. 

Below is the text of Rep. Gosar's speech:

Madam Speaker, I rise today to shed light on the President’s broken healthcare promise.

The President promised over and over again that Americans who liked their health care plans could keep them, but that’s just not true.
Here is what Wendy from my district wrote me:

“My Blue Cross Blue Shield policy will be canceled due to Obamacare starting March 1st of 2014.  I checked out other policy options under Obamacare and the least expensive qualifying plan was an additional $208.44 per month.  This is with a higher deductible, larger out of pocket expense and only 3 doctor visits per year per person. This is outrageous! Additionally, this rate only includes me and my 3 children, not even my husband.  I guess we can’t even keep a family together under Obamacare.” 

As Wendy’s story exemplifies and as we predicted since 2010, Obamacare is fundamentally flawed in both concept and execution. Dictated government healthcare cannot beat free-market choices.  

And as a healthcare professional, I will continue to do all that I can to protect the American people from Obamacare.


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