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Life is the most fundamental right that our Declaration of Independence recognizes.  It is more fundamental even than our cherished right to liberty, and it is a right that we must protect and defend.  This is a right endowed by God, not men.  Every human being has value, and we should strive to protect and improve the lives of all Americans.

As a conservative, a medical provider, and a father, I strongly support the sanctity of human life.  Nothing is more precious. I believe that life begins at conception.  For my efforts in Congress, I have a 100% lifetime rating from multiple pro-life organizations, including the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America and National Right to Life.

I have cosponsored multiple pieces of legislation to protect life and to ensure future laws do not allow any taxpayer funds to be used to abort innocent human life.  I also support terminating all federal funding to Planned Parenthood and believe that the people engaged in any of these illegal acts should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

As I strong supporter of life, I am also in favor of promoting adoption.  Many families are not able to have children and desire to adopt children, therefore we should support adoption services to ensure that when women choose to give birth to a child but choose not to keep that child, that loving families have access to adoptions.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court corrected one of its biggest mistakes by overturning the poorly reasoned, unjust and unconstitutional decision of Roe v. Wade.  This is a blessing to America, after more than 60 million babies have been aborted since Roe was handed down.  Let us welcome life and take care of our children.  God created them.  They deserve to live.