Congressman Paul Gosar
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What's Happening In Washington?

Locking In Tax Cut Savings

I often say that trust is a series of promises kept. Last week, the House kept its promise to the American people and locked in permanent tax cuts. In the past year, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has provided American families, individuals and small business owners the hand up they need to get back on track. Now our economy is humming along, unemployment is at a record low, Main Street optimism is at an all-time high and American families are keeping more of their hard-earned paychecks. I am confident that locking in these savings will help families and small business better prepare for their futures.

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Fighting Back Against Increased Government Spending

While providing funds for our nation’s defense is critical, last week’s funding bill failed to deliver on the promises we made to the American people. We promised to decrease wasteful government spending, build a border wall and protect the unborn. Instead, leadership rolled over and gave in to the demands of open border Democrats. In an effort to keep our promise, I joined a few of my conservative colleagues in offering amendments to fully fund the wall; however, leadership denied these efforts. Unfortunately, even with Republicans in control of the Senate and the House, leadership continues to fold to Democrat priorities and fails to deliver on our promises.

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Opposing Illegal Immigrants Voting In US Election

Open border Democrats continue to put illegal immigrants ahead of law-abiding citizens. Last week, 72 Democrats voted against a resolution that recognizes that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.

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Endangered Species Act Modernization Package Advances Bills

Last week, the House Natural Resources Committee passed four of the bills in the Endangered Species Act modernization package. This is a great first step to ensuring the ESA can finally work effectively and efficiently for the benefit of our country and its incredible diversity of species. For years, implementation of the ESA has failed to reach the minimum of standards first set by the noble intentions it was created to fulfill. The modernization package presents solutions to the judicially and bureaucratically broken mechanisms of that law, interjecting state involvement, broad transparency, and the full force of private sector problem-solving into the process.

As always, you can follow everything I am working on in Arizona and Washington, D.C. through my website ( on Twitter @RepGosarFacebook and through Instagram.

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