For tonight's telephone town hall, make sure you have the correct phone number to call-in and participate (There was an incorrect number accidentally listed in a previous e-news announcement for this event).

Starting at 6:00 PM/MST call the following number toll-free to join me for my tele-town hall:
 (855) 840-6970

Due to the overwhelming level of interest shown for my originally scheduled event taking place tonight, and to allow for as many constituents as possible to participate, the “Conversation with Congressman Brat” in Gold Canyon, Arizona, will now be held as a telephone town hall. 

Virginia Congressman Dave Brat will still join me on the phone as scheduled starting tonight at 6:00 PM/MST. Constituents in Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District are encouraged to listen in and participate by calling the following toll-free phone number at 6:00 PM/MST:
 (855) 840-6970

You may also request an invite by signing up here:

Background on Virginia Congressman Dave Brat:

As a fellow member of the House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Brat has worked side by side with me in fighting for an open, accountable and limited government. Rep. Brat’s work in Congress is guided by the Constitution and the rule of law in order to enact policies that promote the liberty, safety and prosperity of all Americans.

Previously, Rep. Brat served two Virginia governors on their economic advisory boards, providing them with critical economic forecasts to help manage the Commonwealth.

As the Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, I'm committed to bringing elected leaders from Eastern states to visit and learn from the West. Too often, policies crafted in Washington D.C. disproportionately affect Western states in negative ways. I'm grateful to have Rep. Dave Brat join me and learn about Arizona and our priorities. 

Feel free to share the flyer below with any of your friends and neighbors living in the Fourth District:

As always, you can follow everything I am working on in Arizona and Washington, D.C. through my website ( on Twitter @RepGosar, through Facebook at Rep. Paul Gosar or on Instagram at RepGosar.

Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S.
Member of Congress